City of umm qais

Named Gadara by the ancient Roman’s. Gadara commands a magnificent view over the northern Jordan Valley, the Sea of Galilee (Lake of Tiberias), the Yarmouk River gorge and the Golan Heights

Recently the city of Jerash has been expanded to include many of the surrounding villages including Souf, Dairelliat, Thougretasfour, Jaba, Aljbarat and Majar. Other important villages in the governate include: Sakèb, Kitteh, Nahlé, Burma, Mustabah, Jubba, Raimoun, Kufr Khall, Balila, and Qafqafa

In the early 2nd BC the Roman Byzantines seized the city, expanding its infrastructure to fulfil the emperor’s vision of making Gadara an autonomous stronghold in the Decapolis

About the City

Gadara is known today as Umm Qais and boasts an impressive colonnaded street, a vaulted terrace, and the ruins of two theatres

About the City

Thought to be the location where Jesus Christ performed a miracle, casting out a devil from a man who had escaped the city, Um Qais also holds significant religious relevance to pilgrimage tourists