wadi rum

The magical desert of Wadi Rum, home of “Lawrence of Arabia”. Visitors can spend a day exploring the unique landscape, the remnants of Nabatean graffiti and the ancient temples either on foot, by camel or in a 4×4

The tour starts from the visitor center and drive around 10 min to get to Wadi Rum village, then visit Lawrence spring This spring was named for T.E. Lawrence, of Lawrence of Arabia fame, who fought in the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Continue to Khazali Canyon an iconic feature in Wadi Rum, Khazali Canyon is an easy 20 minute walk that allows you to see many Nabatean inscriptions and drawings as well as Sand dunes.

However, the best way to experience the true majesty of Wadi Rum is by staying the night at a Bedouin camp

These camps are very comfortable and show the visitor how the tribes have lived for so many centuries. The friendly Bedouin who run these camps are also invaluable fonts of knowledge about life in the desert

For the adventurous travelers there is the opportunity to rock climb and hot air balloon over the desert. Sleep under a blanket of stars listening to the hypnotic sound of the Rebab – the traditional Bedouin instrument played as an accompaniment to their lyrical poetry