City of ajloun

Ajloun is located 73 km north of Amman, at the northwest of Jerash. You will enjoy a fascinating road through a beautiful pine-forest and olive palms, until you reach the town of Ajloun. Ajloun is where Hadrian built himself an arch outside the town and stayed over the winter of 129 – 30 AD.

About the City

In this village, you can visit the Castle of Ajloun, this 12th Century castle was built by Saladin in his successful campaign to drive the Crusaders from Jordan in 1189 and is an outstanding example of Arab/Islamic military architecture

To explore the castle’s many crumbling towers, passageways, arches and gates, is to travel back in time to an evocative era of silk trade routes and Holy wars; while the panoramic views from the castle out across the verdant surrounding valleys can only be described as awe-inspiring

Ajloun Castle dominated the three main routes leading to the Jordan Valley and protected the trade and commercial routes between Jordan and Syria; it became an important link in the defensive chain against the Crusaders, who, unsuccessfully spent decades trying to capture the castle and the nearby village

About the City

Ajloun City itself is home to a plethora of Christian historical sites including the birthplace of St. Elijah and an interesting church in his memory, complete with a shrine to St. George. The nearby village is also worth a visit with its Byzantine monastery and surrounding hiking trails