Pilgrimage & Church

Since our establish in 1961, we are handling pilgrims to Jordan. The key to our success is to provide personal attention to every single request, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure it is a unique trip. We realize it is not a regular sightseeing tour, so for every group of Pilgrims we strive to provide the right elements needed to make their pilgrimage trip is a powerful experience

We work with you closely to plan and organize all your needs, with so much choice of places to visit we can help you design an itinerary that will suit your church. We offer a range of services and ideas that other tour operators cannot match.

Christian tour guides can provide insight into the way of life that local Christians have led for hundreds of years. He or she can provide introductions to the practicing Christian communities of the Holy Land that have maintained their traditions for centuries. Guides can share their faith, reverence for the Holy places and experience in a way that makes a Pilgrimage a spiritual experience that cannot be matched

We tailor all itineraries to suit the particular denomination of the Church Group. Whether Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, we always prepare a distinct tour for each and every group

The priest leading the Pilgrimage will have the opportunity to give a Mass on every day in Jordan. We take the time to book each Mass in the best possible location and at a suitable time.

 We carefully design each itinerary to make sure that each day of the Pilgrimage unfolds as a personal experience and not just a tour.

 Unique sites and referring to the bible especially the New Testament, many of the ancient Biblical Lands are located in Jordan. Edom, Moab, Amoun. Jesus Christ was baptized in the River Jordan, Jesus’  time in the Wilderness was also in Jordan, He preached and walked through the Decapolis cities of Jerash (Gerasa) and Um Qais ( Gadara in the bible). The Miracle of the Gadarine Swine, took place in Jordan and Jesus and Mary sought refuge in a small cave in the North of Jordan in Anjara, Lot chose the land near the Dead Sea in Jordan, Moses led the Israelites through Jordan during the Exodus, Moses died in Jordan as did his brother Aaron