General Information About Jordan

What to Take

During the trip your baggage will be carried by bus and by 4WD vehicles.
The only baggage weight limit is that imposed by the airline.
However, we ask that you restrict your luggage to one main bag plus a small daypack.
In general, we recommend that you travel as light as possible as this will make transiting between airports and carrying your bag to hotel rooms a lot easier for you.
You may find that wheeled luggage is more convenient on a trip.

Climate & Clothing

Jordan has 4 seasons; June-September is the summer with hot and dry weather and temperatures reaching 38 degrees centigrade, but due to the dryness it is comfortable.
The winter is from December-February when it is cold and rainy with the occasional snowfall in the hilly areas.
Lastly, spring (March-May) and Autumn (October-November) are moderate in temperature and see pleasant sunny days.
The dress code for Jordan is always casual.
However, in the smarter city hotels people do tend to change for dinner. Other than something tidy for dinner no formal clothes are necessary.
Take a good pair of trainers or comfortable ‘sightseeing shoes’ as you will be exploring during the day and you tend to cover a lot of ground on foot.
Ladies should be modestly dressed when sightseeing in Amman and visiting religious sites such as churches and mosques
Trousers and floaty skirts are most appropriate for decency as well as the heat.
Shorts are not appropriate nor vest tops. It is best to take natural rather than synthetic fabric clothes as these are excellent for coping with the heat and dirt. It is best to take layers of clothes that can be put on at night and discarded as the sun rises and day warms up. In the winter months, we advise you bring a waterproof jacket.


Alcohol is readily available throughout Jordan. During the month of Ramadan alcohol may only be available in certain places.


The official religion of Jordan is Islam. Do not wear shorts or sleeveless tops in places of public worship.


From jewelry to coffee to perfume, Jordan offers a great selection of interesting handicrafts.
When shopping in markets, you should always haggle: this is the traditional way to shop and it is not only expected but often fun.
Remember to smile, take things in good humor and only pay what you really think the goods are worth to you.
When in government shops or more upmarket places, prices are usually set.
Objects of high value, particularly jewelry, are a risky purchase so please exercise caution as they cannot be replaced or returned once you have come back.
Our representative and the locals in the place you are staying will be able to recommend certain shops with which they have a good relationship and where you should not be hoodwinked.


The voltage in Jordan is 220 Volts. A mixture of European plugs and UK plugs are used. Adaptors for your electrical appliances are available at some hotels.

Health & Safety

Please speak to your doctor about specific health and vaccination information well before departure.
Security is a matter of common sense and the same precautions should be taken in Jordan as in other countries.
Do not carry large sums of money, keep a close watch on your handbags, wallets etc when walking in crowded areas.
Valuables and money should be locked in a safe in your room or in reception and you should not let porters who are not introduced by a representative of the company take your baggage.
For additional security always carry photocopies of your passport, visa, tickets, insurance and credit cards separately.


Currents can be extremely strong in the Dead Sea. Do take extra care when swimming and do not allow children to swim unsupervised.


It is always advisable to obtain good travel insurance to cover the worst possible scenario. Do keep a copy of your policy separately as a safeguard.

Language & Currency

English is spoken throughout Jordan, although Arabic is the official language of Jordan.
Jordan’s currency is ‘Dinar’, abbreviated as ‘JD’. Although dollars are accepted in most places, the JD is still the currency of choice.
You can exchange money at Amman International Airport where there are 24-hour exchange facilities.
There are also money changing facilities in most large banks and hotels.
Please remember that not all banks will exchange foreign currency particularly in small towns.
Exchange money only through authorized banks or Money Changers and insist on a receipt/encashment certificate when changing money.
Major Credit Cards like Master Card, Visa and American Express are generally accepted by large establishments, including hotels, shops and airlines and ATMs are found in the larger cities like Amman and Aqaba.


Most hotels will provide laundry services although dry cleaning will only be available in the big city hotels, although specialist fabrics you are advised to hand wash in person.


A full valid passport is required for your holiday and most countries now insist upon at least 6 months’ validity beyond your return date of travel and at least two full pages left in your passport.
Allow plenty of time if you need to send your passport to the Passport Office for renewal, particularly prior to peak travels periods.
It is useful to carry photo ID with you at all times so get several good quality photocopies, this also makes replacing a lost passport easier.
All clients, but honeymooners especially should ensure that names in passports are those given out on the booking form.


You can make international calls from hotels but they do tend to be very expensive. Hence the best way to make calls is by buying a local SIM card or a visitor phone card.

Time zone

Jordan is 2hrs ahead of GMT.

Tipping Guidelines

Although ‘gratuities’ are at the discretion of each individual, we are aware it can also be an area of concern for some visitors to Jordan. In this regard, we have listed some guidelines, in order to assist, although the decision is freely left with you.
Above all, it is to be remembered that tipping is a sign of gratification for good service, and therefore please view the below guidelines as the middle ground, which can be adjusted depending on the level of service you feel you have received.
Please note the below amounts are per couple.
Guides, Escorts and Transport
Guides Tips:
Licensed guide throughout the program – USD 200.00 in total
Local guide in Petra -USD 50.00 in total
Cycling Guide -USD 50.00 in total
Hotel Portage:
USD 2.00 per person for each hotel/camp
JOD 2.00 per day
Tips for driver:
The suggested tip for the driver is USD 150.00 in total
Tips for horse boy in Petra:
USD 5.00 per person
Tips for jeep driver in Wadi Rum:
USD 5.00 per person
USD 5.00 per person