Guiding Star Travel Agency

Guiding Star Travel Agency is a Jordanian tour operator that specializes in cultural, archeological and Christian pilgrimage tourism. The company handles groups and FITs from all around the world, and believes in the importance of long term partnerships to best yield mutual benefit. Through its wide range of services, competitive prices and the trusted suppliers it deals with, Guiding Star has created a portfolio of loyal clients.
Since its establishment in 1961, Guiding Star has succeeded in setting itself as one of the leading tour operators in the country. The company has catered huge number of tourists from Europe, the Far East, South & North of America, and Australia.
Guiding Star provides a variety of quality tour products that uncover Jordan’s splendors and make Jordan a more accessible destination to the travelers. We backed by an experienced multilingual professional team, who deliver a spectrum of services to the traveler.
This brochure will briefly introduce Guiding Star to you, but nothing beats the experience of trying our services firsthand to get a feel for what we can do.

Who are we?

  • A local company with a global mission.
  • We have been developing and marketing creative tourism products since 1961.
  • Involvement of local communities in a win-win situation.

Mission Statement

We are to give a deep spiritual experience with high quality and competent service.

Vision Statement

We are the first company to be thought of by a pilgrim coming to Jordan.

Value Statement

We are a Team

Our organization is our team. We share our knowledge and experience within the organization to gain a cohesive success. We are adherers of sincerity, accountability, and respect.

We are committed to our Customers

We value our customers and attain solutions to serve them better. While meeting their requirements we stand for quality, efficiency, and enjoyment.

We are reliable

We build our team carefully. Those who are part of us are valued for their honesty, creativity, positive thinking, smartness, consistency, and spirituality.

Why Guiding Star?

Other than offering new and exciting products that make it easier, and more profitable, for you to sell Jordan, we are committed to:

  • Active involvement in designing your Jordan product: We invite you to use our knowledge of the destination when designing your tour products or itineraries
  • Help with getting suppliers involved: We can help you arrange the best programs and rates by getting all our suppliers involved. This includes hotels, transportation companies, etc. We continually perform spot checks on all our suppliers, as we want to make sure that your clients always have the best rooms in the hotels, the best meals and the best buses. We dedicate one day a week to these spot checks and as our client, you would be very welcome to join us.
  • Total Customer Care: We pride ourselves with the care we give to all our clients. You can rest assured that your clients will be treated with the utmost care. Should a problem arise we will make sure that we solve all problems on the spot so that your client will return home satisfied.